History of the Parish
The year 1829 marked the beginning of a new era.
The need of a church had long been felt and at this
time steps were taken towards the building of the
mother church of Cornwall.  St. Columban's first
church was modestly small and ran east-west parallel to Fourth Street.  The first resident priest was Father James Bennett, who took up his residency in 1834.

In August of 1864 the cornerstone for the second
church was laid by Bishop E.J. Horan.  The first church had to be replaced because it had blown down during a fierce Gale.

In 1894 ground was broken for the construction of the third and present church.  It was first felt that the second church could be expanded but then it was decided to go ahead with the building of a larger church to accommodate the growing congregation.
The church was completed in 1896 at a cost of $47,500 and still looks after the needs of about 1000 families.

St. Columban's has had two bells during its many years.  The bell for the first church was blessed by George A. Hay of St. Andrew's , on March 24, 1844.  It was named Mary Christine MacDonald wife of John Sandfield MacDonald, first premier of Ontario.  This bell can now be seen on the front lawn of the church.  The bell in our present church was christened August 31, 1902, by Bishop Alexander Macdonell, first Bishop of Alexandria.  The bell was cast in Belgium and weighs approximately 4900 lbs.  With the wheel and other attachments the bell weighs over 6000 lbs.